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In comparison to our “Lift” type gas spring the added feature of the Blocklift is an internal locking mechanism, which allows the gas spring to be locked at any desired position. This locking mechanism is activated by operating the “release pin”, located either at the end of the piston rod or on the tube end. While the release pin is pressed, the Blocklift works like a normal gas spring on counterbalance base and the gas spring closes or extends according to the applied force / loaded weight. When the release pin is no longer being pushed the locking mechanism locks immediately causing the Blocklift to stay in that position. This locking can be softly spring loaded or “to the point” accurate; in other points rigid.

There are numerous applications where a Blocklift can be used. Common applications are;

Back rest adjustment of passenger seats on buses, train seats and office chairs
Various adjustments on hospital beds and massage tables
Height adjustments on tables, desktop systems and school desks
Various adjustments on wheelchairs and patient handling

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Available Blocklift types to fulfil the individual needs of your applications 

  • BL1         : Rigid in extension
  • BL2         : Rigid in compression
  • BL3         : Spring Blocking
  • BL4         : Hydrostop - the rigid in extension and compression
  • BL5         : M-Blocklift
  • BL6         : Rigid locking in extension - Non locking in compression
  • BL7         : Rigid locking in compression - Non locking in extension
  • BL8         : GT-Blocklift
  • BL9         : Blocklift with override function in extension
  • BL10      : Blocklift with override function in compression
  • INOX-Blocklift
  • T-Blocklift
    • BLT2      : Rigid in compression
    • BLT3      : Spring Blocking
  • Burolift


  • BL1 - Rigid Blocking in Extension

On some applications total rigidness is paramount when the Blocklift is locked. If this rigidness is required in the extension direction, the BL1 will fit your requirements. If overload in extension direction is applied when the Blocklift is locked, there won’t be any movement of the piston rod whereas overloads in compression direction will cause a cushioning of a few millimetres. Once the load is released the piston rod will return to the initial position.

  • BL2 - Rigid Blocking in Compression

BL2 Blocklifts are for applications where a total rigidness in compression direction is a must. In case of overloads in compression direction, while the Blocklift is locked, the piston rod will stay rigid. Loads in extension direction will cause cushioning of the piston rod but as soon as the load is released, the piston rod will return to its initial position.

  • BL3 - Spring Blocking

In some applications, some comfort is desirable even when the Blocklift is locked. For such applications we recommend you the “Spring Blocking” Blocklift which can be cushioned when it is locked so that sudden loads can thus be dampened.

Depending on the amount of force applied, either in extension or compression direction, while the Blocklift locked, a short displacement of the piston rod will take place allowing comfortable damping. After a few millimetres movement it becomes harder to move because of the increasing gas pressure inside the gas spring. Also on this model the piston rod will return to the initial position when the load is released.

  • BL4 - HYDROSTOP  rigid in extension and compression

The Hydrostop-BL4 Blocklift provides total rigidness in both, extension and compression, directions while the Blocklift is in locked position. It is preferred if the application does not allow any movement at all in either direction.

  • BL5 : M-Blocklift

The M-Blocklift (BL5) is specially designed for height adjustment (i.e. one column tables, desks, etc.) applications.  Features like compact size, fast extension speed, almost rigid locking, independent installation orientation and short release way makes it an ideal match for height adjustment applications.

  • One direction locking Blocklift gas springs

The basic Blocklift gas spring requires actuation of the release pin for movement in any direction. In other words, the release pin must be operated to extend or compress the gas spring. However, on some applications a locking control in only one direction while a free movement in the opposite direction is desirable.  For such applications we offer two types:

  • BL6 – Locking in extension - free travel in compression
  • BL7 – Locking in compression - free travel in extension
  • BL8 : GT-Blocklift (Gas Traction Blocklift)

The working principle of the BL8 - GT-Blocklift is the opposite of the Blocklift type gas spring. While the Blocklift is always prepared to extend (i.e. to open itself) the GT-Blocklift is produced to close itself. Same as regular Blocklifts also the BL8 can be locked at any desired position.

  • Blocklift gas springs with override function

For applications where, for safety or for comfort reasons, the Blocklift should only remain locked until a certain force is reached we supply override function featured Blocklift gas springs. These gas springs are rigid locking in one direction and with override function in the opposite direction.

  • BL9 – override in extension
  • BL10 – override in compression
  • INOX-Blocklift

The majority Blocklift type gas springs are available in stainless steel. They are preferred if corrosion resistance is paramount and a high level protection against corrosive environments is mandatory. Go to “Inox Series for further information.

  • T-Blocklift

Standard “Blocklift” type gas springs are controlled by a release pin on the piston rod. The specific feature of T-Blocklift gas springs is the release pin located at the tube end. Thanks to the design the T-Blocklift allows you to have shorter extended lengths compared to Blocklift type gas springs. The T-Blocklift is available rigid in compression or spring blocking.

  • Burolift

The Burolift type gas spring is for usage on swivel chairs for either height or for position adjustments. Contrary to our competitors we concentrate on tailor made products for your individual application.

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