ACTIVE PARTNER OF CUSTOMERS Destek develops and manufactures gas springs, dampers and position adjustment products for everything that needs to be lifted, lowered, moved and set into position– in machines, medical equipment, vehicles, furniture, etc. The name DESTEK comes from the Turkish word "destek" and means "support". For us it means not only "supporting" our customers’ lids, covers and other weights with our gas springs, but we also support our customers on their way into the future by providing them individual solutions to help them move the world. For many years now, we have not only been a supplier of gas springs but also have been proud of becoming an active partner of our customers.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE Gas spring production is a highly competitive market with only a few innovative, high quality manufacturers who can do the job right. Destek Gas Springs is one of the few. What makes us different? As a forward-looking company, Destek has invested significant amounts in research and development. Modern testing facilities as well as special materials engineering laboratories ensure the continuous development and improvement of all product lines and confirm the innovative force of Destek. These strengths at Destek Gas Springs have helped our company grow from a small manufacturer in 1987 to a global player in gas springs. Destek’s success is based on great innovative force, proximity to the customer on a global scale, the highest possible quality in all processes and its ability to react quickly to customers’ special requirements. We continually strive to improve our service and capabilities for our customers and uphold this as our primary goal. We are committed to excellent quality and innovative ideas for the customer. Here at Destek, we have only one thing to offer, and this is exceptional service.

SYNERGY OF QUALITY AND EXPERIENCE Today, modern equipments are expected to satisfy a variety of different – and seemingly contradictory –demands: they must be dynamic and durable, but also quiet and economical, while, at the same time, comfortable and safe. It takes creative technology using innovative products to reconcile these apparently incongruous trends. As a partner of various industries, we are the leader in developing and manufacturing system solutions for the demanding challenges facing our automotive future. Destek sees itself as a development and engineering partner for its customers and has developed technologies, machines and control systems in-house to achieve fast and flexible manufacturing processes. However, no matter how impressive our equipment and control systems are, it is the people at Destek that make the greatest difference. The most important potential of a company is its employees. “A company is only as good as its employees” is a principle consistently embraced by Destek. Personnel development is characterized by continuing education and training. We provide support to our employees from the very beginning of their careers. Every day, our employees work hard to make sure that our standards of quality and service are upheld for each customer.

GLOBAL PLAYER IN GAS SPRINGS Long lasting relationships with our customers and vendors is a fundamental goal at Destek Gas Springs. We help our customers design new products, redesign an existing project and investigate cost savings. We care, and it shows. World wide well-known companies, both OE manufacturers as well as aftermarket companies, rely on our experience and know-how.
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